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#1917LIVE: The Russian Revolution in Tweets

RT, Moscow / RT / 2018

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We live in an intense and noisy world. We live with and through gadgets, social media. Our brains are now oriented to consuming multiple forms of information through newsfeeds. Younger generations are already adapted to this timeline mentality from early childhood. Our challenge was to identify how innovative educational projects can resonate with this new model of thinking. How experimental storytelling can help young people engage with history.

With #1917LIVE, our task was to introduce a new immersive format which can be effectively adapted by schools and universities in history education courses globally.

And our project enjoyed a truly special place with educators: professors, teachers, students, post-grads and generally history buffs. Scholars at universities such as Oxford, Georgetown, Cardiff followed the project timeline.

Today we deliver the book to brand partners, media influencers and educators as a handcrafted present. The book is also being presented to history students and researchers.

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