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2045: Memories of The Future


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Hyundai released its carbon neutrality strategy (net zero by 2045) through a variety of endeavours including hydrogen energy, battery storage and electrification, and wanted to create a campaign that differentiated itself and its sustainability messaging from the increasingly ‘green’ industry communications. The aim was to launch the partnership a month before COP26, with lead up to the global UN event.

Hyundai wanted to raise brand awareness, brand uplift within sustainability, and increase consideration as a go-to market leader in EV's.


The innovative idea in the 2045: Memories of the Future short films is to set them in 2045 as if looking back at how we achieved net zero. Each film starts in the year 2045 and celebrates how the world managed to achieve carbon neutrality (or close to it) in a particular sector.

This future retrospective format gives an original and attention-grabbing perspective for the audience. It also appealed to the commercial client, Hyundai, who wanted to be associated with a positive approach to climate change.

Drawing on real scientific solutions, the films feature leading voices and experts on everything from the future of energy to housing, food to aviation and cities to fashion.

The short films were produced remotely using local crews so had a minimal carbon footprint while still achieving high production values and quality science journalism.


The films were made to coincide with the climate change conference COP26 and aimed to inform global opinion leaders and the wider public about efforts to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045. It was a collaboration with Hyundai who were the exclusive sponsor, along with a globally renowned producer and trusted channel.

The main aim was to drive brand awareness as a trusted partner in gearing towards net zero by 2045 - not only focused on solutions in automotive, but also housing, food, aviation, fashion, cities and energy.

Regarding the distribution strategy, we ran the films in promotional airtime on the channel, and also ran it as a compilation 1x23' documentary in editorial airtime which repeated 5x on the channel, globally.

We ran editorial promos, driving people to the content. We also ran digital ads, PR, and sponsored editorial posts, with the films as the centrepiece of the campaign.


Implementation: TV - Promotional and Editorial Airtime.

Digital, Films in Editorial Video Reel, ads around the reel, sponsored section with the films playing along with bespoke editorial, PR activation around the partnership, which were localised for all main markets around the world.

Campaign Timeline: 5th November – 2nd December 2021

Placement: TV, Digital and PR. There was no product placement in the films. The films aligned with themes that tied back to the brief, with Hyundai getting the brand association across all the content.

Scale - The campaign reached at least 138.7 million people globally. North America, Europe, APAC (excluding UK).


3 out of 4 of those who saw the campaign on the channel felt positive towards the Hyundai brand. (source:AdScore Wave 75 22 Nov - 05 Dec 2021)

Hyundai witnessed a 133% jump in association with FC (Fuel Cell) EVs among the the channel's audience. Same source. (FCEV: Fuel-Cell Electric Vehicles)

42 % increase among the the audience for the awareness of Hyundai’s carbon neutral plan. Same source.

A 25% increase among the audiences who consider Hyundai as a sustainable brand. Same source.

Q. How likely are you to consider using, purchasing or visiting Hyundai? 30% uplift post-campaign. Same Source.

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