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"30 Years Young"

MULLENLOWE U.S., Los Angeles / ACURA / 2016

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Since its launch in 1986, Acura has been the plucky upstart and thorn in the side of the traditional titans of luxury automotive. Competing against brands with centuries of combined experience, Acura carved out a niche of its own with innovative mid-tier performance.

For its 30th anniversary, Acura wanted to celebrate its three decades of disruption in the luxury space, showcasing its racing heritage, its most iconic models and, most important, the rebellious spirit that made it all possible.

In the film, we explore Acura’s heritage of achievements not as a walk through history but as a celebration of the youthful and naive spirit that fueled its challenger spirit—the same spirit and wild optimism that was required to launch the brand in the face of the establishment 30 years ago, which the brand continues to exude today.

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