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CARAT, Detroit / GENERAL MOTORS / 2017

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Leveraging proprietary research, we discovered balance was extremely important in our target’s daily life, including that balance between work and personal life, with family at the heart of their personal time. As this was an insight we were previously not exposed to within our target, our goal was to showcase the investment they make into family-life experiences and developing those meaningful relationships with the ones they love. We found that on the weekends, they unplug from the bustling connectivity that fills the week, and spend time with family focusing on activities that build long-lasting memories and traditions. These experiences could be as simple as sharing their passions, such as a contractor building a treehouse with their child, or as thought out as an annual family vacation. We knew we needed to bring this idea to life while putting the truck and brand at the centre of the execution.


Through our partnership we built stories and content around four themes that could bring fathers and their children closer together through shared activity and learning, both indoors and outdoors.

Emphasis for each video was placed on the activity and parent-child relationship, so organically integrated Sierra’s tech features into each storyline and activity was seamless.

Videos highlighted:

• Geocaching 101

• Building A Robot

• Reading the Stars

• How to Make the Ultimate Paper Plane

In each example we provided videos, step by step instructions and further ideas, so that families could really bond over the shared experiences.

Scale was achieved through the Fatherly and NowThis social feeds, while also developing a central hub on Content was also amplified through paid placements, ensuring the core GMC target audience of Disciplined Achievers was reached. The videos launched just before Father’s Day, a relevant timeframe for this content.


This Sierra “940 Saturdays” program delivered on brand KPIS, while overdelivering on total impressions and views, and becoming a top performer in relation to the Fatherly branded content average:

• 20% lift in familiarity amongst target demo

• 10% lift in opinion amongst target demo

• 11% lift in consideration against target demo

• 4,040,373 video views garnered

• 44,293,028 impressions delivered - 72% higher than planned

• 46% more impressions and 23% more page views than Fatherly branded content average

Social comment highlights included fans expressing their love and excitement to try the activity with their kids, and recognition for partnership between Fatherly, NowThis and GMC. The campaign continues to be a main tentpole within the Fatherly site. The success of this program proved that there is a real appetite for this type of content, especially amongst upscale men.

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