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As you travel away from popular tourist attractions, you’ll discover a different side to the city. You’ll find opportunities to interact with locals and live just like one. We decided to tell this story through the journey of a solo female traveler in Paris. She travels away from the touristy spot of the Eiffel Tower, and with suggestions from her local host, discovers a different side to Paris, filled with locals and local favourites. Her memories of Paris are seen through an animated world set entirely on a Zoetrope. Measuring 3.8 meters in diameter, 11.9 meters in circumference, 1.5 meters in height, the 3D zoetrope was a first-of-its-kind build with 11,256 moving parts. All of the environments on the zoetrope were inspired from local Parisian hideaways. Each character, table, chair, were hand painted with immaculate attention to detail. We wanted to create a world that’s whimsical but also feels real.


Across the campaign period from 9 September to 16 November 2015, 'A Different Paris' was delivered to our target audience in China, Japan and Korea, via digital display banners, digital video and mobile as the main forms of reach to generate awareness and engagement.

Following are the local and international publishers for each country:

• China: Tencent, AOD

• Japan: Google, Yahoo! Japan, VeleT, AOL Platform, Adello, Unruly

• Korea: Daum, Naver, Nate, SMR, Dawin, Google, Adello, Unruly, SBS, KBS, MBC, and other CATV (e.g. tvN, OCN, etc)

Media spend was broken across Digital Display (18%), Digital Video (53%) and Mobile (3%) to drive online engagement.

Spend on others and non-working costs (26%).


Campaign Tracking Period: 9 September to 18 November 2015

Countries: Across Japan, China and Korea

• View-through rate (VTR)

o Target: 40%

o Results: 76.21% (2x of target achieved; increasing our return on investment (ROI) with cost-per-view (CPV) 200% lower than previous Airbnb campaign (From $0.03 to $0.01), by delivering a total of 273,052,520 completed views.

• Brand mentions

o Target: A sizeable lift during campaign period, based on the average number of brand mentions per week across 6 months in the same year

o Results:

• China: +15.7%

• Japan: +8.4%

• South Korea: +18.8%

• Click-through rate (CTR)

o Target: 0.17%

o Result: 0.66% (4x target achieved, 4.5x increase from industry benchmark)

• Search Intent

o Target: Evident peaks during campaign period, benchmarked against average number across entire year

o Results:

• Japan: Peaked once at 100 (+88.7%)

• Korea: Peaked once at 80 (+21.2%)

• China: Peaked twice at 15,300 (+1422.4%) and 13,490 (+1242.2%)

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