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A GeekPunk Story

CCXP, Sao Paulo / CCXP / 2019

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CCXP is an entertainment and pop culture festival in Brazil. Every year, for five days, we bring a unique mix of physical experiences within the subjects of movies, TV series, comics, cosplayers, music, Hollywood actors, etc to people of all ages.

And every year, we create an advertisement film to promote the festival. But how could one raise brand awareness in a pop culture market saturated with love brands, which receive huge investments, like Disney, Marvel, Netflix?


Since pop culture fans are our main audience, instead of producing an advertisement film, we decided to create a new original fiction genre called “GeekPunk”.

But what is “GeekPunk”?

Loyal to characteristics common to other sub-genres such as Cyberpunk and Steampunk, GeekPunk is a juxtaposition of a lowlife society with geek culture aesthetics.

The main plot behind GeekPunk universe:

The GeekPunk universe presents an epic journey in a dystopian future in which Earth has been destroyed during an alien invasion. A few teenagers who had no contact with the old civilization find old Pop Culture relics and mistakenly believe that those are faithful records of what the world used to be.


The short film "A GeekPunk Story" is the first feature of this universe. It portraits the beginning of this journey.

We created a brand intellectual property in order to communicate with pop culture fans who felt they could not relate to what had been produced so far by the Brazilian cinema industry in terms of adventure genre. And now, this property has become a platform with many possibilities to leave a legacy for our fans. For example, what would a GeekPunk fashion show look like? Or even a GeekPunk version of Cannes?


CCXP invited Eisner Award-winner comic book artist Rafael Grampá to co-create and direct “A GeekPunk Story”.

Over the course of 40 days, we developed everything: the story behind the short film, the shooting, and post-production.

The short film was aired both on Facebook and YouTube.

The official poster was signed by renowned comic book artist Paul Pope.

Action Figures of the four main characters + mechanical beast are currently under production process.


The short movie “A GeekPunk Story” became CCXP's intellectual property, having reached over 7 million people on Facebook and Youtube. As a result of this first feature’s success, this GeekPunk genre is now a part of currently ongoing negotiations for the production of comics, action figures, and a full-length movie.

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