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CCXP, Sao Paulo / CCXP / 2018

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Extraordinary all the time. For us, the world is like that.

CCXP is the world of imagination. All films, tv shows, comic books, books, cosplays, everything is about the imagination. And some people think about the fictional stories on day-by-day, all the time. For example, when someone isn't a nice person with you, you'd love think about witch super-power you like to have to defeat him.

So... for this kind of people, the world is extraordinary all time.

We've created a short film with 60 references/easter eggs from movies, series, games, comics and animes that are well know by people. The short film refers to Street Fight, Game of Thrones, Naruto, Back to the Future, Stranger Things and many others geek culture classics.


In a record timeframe, we did all pre-production, production and post production in 25 days, in 3 versions 30", 1' and 5'46", including original sound track and 1500h of post production.

It was filmed in 2 cameras, 8 locations and 2 actions in São Paulo, Brazil.


In less than 48 hours our 5:46 minute film reached 2.2 million people on Facebook and 100,000 on Youtube. In a time where less than 79% of Internet users watch more than 15 seconds of a video on the internet - according to Year in Review Institute.

The people from 12 countries shared the movie once it has no language barriers.

As result:


+5.000.000 impacts



+11.000.000 minutes watched

To make us even prouder, in 2017 CCXP turned out to be the biggest Comic Con in the world.

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