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A Perfect Wave / Una Ola Perfecta

NOTABLE, Montevideo / ITAU / 2018

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Itaú wanted to encourage reading among young people and to become the most-talked about bank of the summer. But how could it be everywhere if Uruguay has more than 1,000 km of coast, 137 beach towns and 19 departments? By being only in one place: Instagram.

We created a novel written in real time, where readers could live it as characters. And it was located in the preferred beach town by young people; Cabo Polonio.

A story developed in 39 publications and with an unexpected ending. In each publication users could find the typical local characters and the elements of Cabo Polonio. And therefore, interact with them in real life.


We brought together the most important novelist and photographer in Uruguay to tell a story in a new format.

Every day, Hugo Burrell would write a new chapter of the novel and Tali Kimelman would immortalized it in a photo.

We announced the launch of the novel on Itaú's Instagram account and in the mass media. On the first day, Itaú’s followers on Instagram had already increased considerably.

The story was developed in 39 publications, and in each one you could find references, characters and places of Cabo Polonio so that people could live the story as if in the skin of the protagonists.


During the publication of the novel, Itaú's Instagram account added more than 1,000 followers per day. Overall, the 39 publications reached more than 1,000,000 impressions. Thanks to this action, Itaú became the Uruguayan bank with the most engagement and most followers on Instagram.

The action was national news, reaching the central news of the country and both the writer and the photographer featured in several interviews, broadcasted in the most important media in the country.

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