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In a competitive space where consumers are moving from premium to mainstream brands, Cambodia's #1 premier stout beer, ABC, needed to reinforce itself as the brand of choice to symbolise success. In order to stay ahead despite the downtrading trend, ABC sought to connect with more drinkers by driving meaningful difference and salience via its brand tagline, "Be Exceptional". The challenge was to engage and recruit the younger generation while still staying relevant to its current consumers.

In its efforts to do so, ABC developed a new product tailored to the tastes of younger drinkers — ABC Reserve. The next step was a mammoth task, requiring an inspirational brand campaign that brought two distinct generations together, rewards current consumers and attracts new audiences across multiple touchpoints, increasing mental availability and further elevating the brand's premium status.


ABC’s TVC “Achieve Your Dreams So You Inspire Others” is inclusive and inspirational, redefining the notion of success through multiple protagonists.

We open on a man carefully studying an ABC bottle. He's a chef, plating a gold-crusted steak — clearly inspired by the bottle. He serves it to a guest, who is instantly struck by inspiration. The guest is then seen strutting down a catwalk bathed in gold light — a fashion designer celebrating his successful fashion show. An attendee is seen to be inspired by the show — she's revealed to be a DJ, playing to a rousing crowd in a gold-themed club. We see a glimpse of a man's face, drinking ABC Stout, as if inviting viewers to be inspired.

From chef to fashion designer, to DJ, we see each of them being inspired and then going on to inspire, creating a powerful ripple effect across Cambodia's new generation.


Through a captivating TVC and innovative six-second side quests, we curated an immersive storytelling journey for the ABC brand, fostering a deep connection across all generations in Cambodia. This not only reinstates ABC's aspirational appeal but solidifies its status as the universal symbol of success. The definition of success now becomes an open canvas for exploration by all, creating a universally desirable brand.

Our large-scale TVC, strategically segmented into versatile digital narratives, builds long-term memory structures that help ABC remain top of mind for current and future audiences.

Marked by an overwhelming 96% affirmation for ad distinctiveness and a 3.1pt average ad recall lift, the 0.3% growth in brand power is a testament to the campaign's impact, establishing ABC as a memorable and meaningful brand for both current and future audiences.

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