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Just as Absolut is in the business of distillation, our task was to distill the brand name and logo to its essence.

The creative work is based on the insight that Absolut has become so iconic, the brand no longer needed the descriptive three-line-logo (Absolut/Country of Sweden/Vodka). By removing ’Country of Sweden’, and ’Vodka’, Absolut now focuses on the most important part of the brand: Absolut. Period.

The added period/circle to the logo is the defining symbol of perfection. Symbolic of the Absolut distillation process.

Under one unifying logo, Absolut communications are faster and more immediate. An abbreviated identity shortens the time to impact, and distinguishes the master brand from all its products and sub-brands. This unification ensures that all marketing investments leverage the Absolut brand.


Bold and highly recognizable, the new logo creates global consistency. By focusing all Absolut communications under one Master Brand, the brand will become clear and consistent.

The signifier in conjunction with the logo adds a further dynamic dimension to the identity. Branding can now be effectively repetitive without being obtrusive. As both an abbreviation for Absolut and an indicator of A-grade and perfection, the signifier works powerfully in visually crowded channels and environments, and efficiently in experiential and digital marketing.

The new logo and signifier are derived from iconic Absolut headline typography, completely redrawn for a taller, prouder, more unique and contemporary expression. The flare serifs were amplified to ensure brand uniqueness and recognition.

The A in the “A.” signifier is perfectly symmetrical, as are the oversized periods in both logo and signifier. The periods add confidence and, as circles, symbolize perfection -- the result of the Absolut distillation process.


The implementation was completed in 2015 when the A. signifier was launched on the newly re-designed Absolut Vodka bottle. Caroline Mörnås, Absolut Global Brand Manager of Design, summarized the results of this initiative.

“After the launch of the new Identity we’re thrilled to see the impact of uniting all of our initiatives under one brand, and one logo, in stunning executions all over the world. The core design elements, are both fantastic in themselves, and as a framework – enabling us to have fun and be creative in a consistent way!”

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