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PHD, Copenhagen / SONY / 2009

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It's a fact: Naked women are the ultimate media when it comes to men’s eyeballs. To watch and comment on naked women is definitely a “being a bloke” moment for most men, meaning an opportunity for the AC/DC campaign.

Since 1976 Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet has had a topless “page-9-girl”, inspired by The Sun's “page-3-girl”. Commercial use of the “page-9-girl” has always been off limits for advertisers, but not this time when it was on behalf of Angus Young and the rest of the boys in AC/DC.

We suggested sponsoring the “page-9-girl” of October 20th (album launch date) and dress her up in an AC/DC inspired outfit to create cut through and talk of the town. The idea became reality and for the first time in 32 years the “page-9-girl” promoted a brand - to great pleasure, especially for AC/DC fans and prospects!


This was a media first for SONY and it generated massive PR. The most read marketing media in Denmark and Norway brought the story plus other news media. In total the activity cost €3,760 and generated a value of € 19,000 in PR alone.The AC/DC album Black Ice has sold 54,478 units in Denmark to date (February 27th 2009) which means that the album has gone platinum (almost double platinum (60,000)). The album has sold more than twice as much as big artists such as “Britney Spears - Circus” (26,200) and “Kings of Leon - Only By The Night” (13,058).

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