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adidas Originals Pitch Black NMD Snapchat Giveaway

THE 88, New York / ADIDAS / 2017

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A Snapchat scavenger hunt that revealed an exclusive phone number over the course of a day, which users could text to win a pair of Pitch Black NMDs. We created a Snapchat story dropping hints to a phone number, which viewers then had to piece together and text for a chance to win. The adidas Originals Snapchat story followed us through a day in NYC, and each piece of the phone number was revealed as the story went on. At the end of the story, we instructed viewers to piece together the puzzle, and text us with their size. Upon sending their text, they were immediately entered by our SMS bot, and our response system recorded their shoe size and officially registered them to win a pair. The entire giveaway and our interaction with entrants occurred in real time as they discovered the phone number.


On July 29th, we announced the giveaway via several media partners and our social channels. Then, on July 30th, we created the Snapchat story over the span of several hours in Manhattan. Along with our production team, a chalk artist was on hand to create the numbers and hide them within the Snapchat story. To handle the amount of texts we expected to receive, our development team built an SMS bot on a secure server that was programmed to respond real-time to all entrants and retrieve their shoe size and address in case they were chosen as a winner. The story was only posted on Snapchat, but we drove from all of our other social channels to raise maximum awareness.


The Snapchat story was live for 24 hours. In that span, we had over 4.8 million views of the story, 87,000 screenshots (our previous high in a story was 4,000), gained 75,000 Snapchat followers (almost tripling our following), and achieved an 86% completion rate (20% higher than the industry average at the time). Our text message bot handled over 800,000 texts, and there were over 131,000 completed giveaway entries. The text messages originated from 115 different countries. Socially, there was a large spike in overall conversation about adidas Originals, including the creation of memes, reddit threads and bots created to guess the phone number before it was finished.

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