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LANGLAND, Windsor / OTSUKA / 2015


5 Bronze Cannes Lions
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Three brand narrative films exist to accompany the campaign. The films capture the two core audience-specific identities of the campaign; clocks (for healthcare professionals), light bulbs (for the public) with a supplementary image and animation to further extend the campaign - the speaker imagery and movie (for healthcare professionals and the public). The narrative of each of the three sequences captures a collection of objects, which are moving independently through the space and are under the influence of an unseen gravitational force. During the films, the objects interact and are increasingly influenced by each other up until they group together to form the hero kidney shapes. Each of the three films are unique and feature characteristics of the objects to guide the coming together of the core structure.


In order to meet our core campaign objectives, encouraging discussion around improving outcomes in ADPKD, and empowering patients to take control of their condition, right from the start; three unified yet distinct identities were created to sit under the overarching campaign brand. The healthcare professional identity, the clocks, initiates the conversation to start re-evaluating what is possible in ADPKD, from the point of diagnosis. The public identity, the light bulbs, highlights the message that we are looking to identify new ideas to help people with ADPKD. Finally, a simplified Medical Education identity, Thinking ADPKD, was developed inline with the campaigns for educational meetings and symposia sponsored by Otsuka. The campaign was rolled out across Europe from January 2015 and will be an on-going engagement project.

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