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BBDO INDIA, Gurgaon / BBDO / 2012

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We were the creative agency for brand 7UP and it was time to go on air with a new film campaign. A campaign that we hoped would turn out to be a watershed for the brand in India. Unfortunately, Punita Lal, the then Marketing Director at PepsiCo India didn't take to any of our scripts. Hundreds of scripts and many meetings later, we had nothing on air and and the client was beginning to doubt the team's abilities. We needed a great idea that could get her faith in the agency back. And show how committed we were to cracking the campaign.


We decided to collect an entire season’s worth of rejected scripts and turn them into a book to demonstrate the hard work the agency was putting behind the account while also giving her an opportunity to revisit some of the work we genuinely believed in.We branded this book '101 scripts that never made it past Punita Lal' and actually got it printed as a paperback! This would be a great way to demonstrate the extent of work we were putting behind the brand and also the agency's ability to face a situation with a sense of humour.


With the client, it changed our image from 'I don't know if the agency gets it' to 'How does the agency get these amazing ideas!'It worked wonders for the client-agency relationship.It put us in an excellent position for the next round of script discussions, finally leading to an approval for a film campaign.It is also worthwhile to mention that most people love to have a printed paperback novel with their name on the title. It's human! This one found a vantage point on the Marketing Director's desk and kept reminding her of the Agency!

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