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-Market background

Clorets Mint Tab is a compressed mint product sold by Mondelez Japan. With the recent renewal of the product, the brand was seeking an effective way to communicate the product benefit. However, with the market saturated with competing products, it was extremely difficult for one brand to stand out. We needed a wholly inventive approach to get our message across.

-Cultural context

We noticed that, in recent years, interest in artificial intelligence was very strong all over the world, including Japan. In the world of “(the game of) go,” for instance, an ancient board game that is similar to chess in its cultural position within Japan, the artificial intellingence “AlphaGo” beat Lee Sedol, one of the world’s top players, which became big news. Whenever an A.I. is pitted against human intelligence in this way, it creates great interest—we decided to leverage this angle in the campaign.


To build the A.I., we looked at some 1,000 award-winning TV works from the past 10 years and tagged them with original tags, then broke down and analyzed them to find out what makes a good TV commercial. An algorithm was created from the result. By entering the creative brief, the A.I. will write out the creative direction in calligraphy.

We then created a website where people could see the commercials made by the human creator and the A.I. without knowing which was made by which creative director. The campaign took the form of a nationwide poll asking viewers to vote on the commercial that more effectively messaged the product benefit.

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