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INNORED, Seoul / AIA / 2015

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The message ‘The Real Life Company’ represents AIA Korea’s commitment to supporting people to protect what is really important in people’s lives. And it also contained the meaning that no matter what happens, there is a thing in life which don’t ever give up on what’s really important. This campaign began from our consideration regarding how we could help our consumers sympathize with and experience the message vividly. Furthermore, we hope to present sincerity of our message by cheering up young generation who are moving forward to achieve their dreams in this campaign.


There are young people called ‘WorHolers’ (WorHolers: The young people who work and study overseas at the same time in pursuit of their dreams. The nickname derives from the ‘Working Holiday’ visa issued to them. Australia, where this video was filmed, is the most popular destination for Korean youth) We shed new light on ‘WorHolers’ who are away from their country and thus can’t spend time with their families. To cheer up tough lives and to make their heart warm, we prepared a special gift to these dreaming youth. Mom’s meal were secretly prepared and served on the plates borrowed from their home. Not only did we move their own spoons, mugs, and plates they used back home. We would like to give the meaning of our message “The important things you take for granted may be the things that are most precious to you”.


This campaign video hit YouTube over 1,250,000 views within 10 days, and hit 1,050,000 views on Facebook. It has hit a total of 3,605,413 views so far. Audiences have been touched by ordinary people’s real life stories.

This campaign’s reputation is spreading rapidly through the Facebook community, fan pages, and personal SNS pages. “Mom’s Dish” campaign video has had a positive reaction from the beginning. It is not only make feel empathy for AIA Korea’s main target consumers 30-50 year old women’s, also in numerous potential customers who are away from their families in order to still make achieve their dreams after the campaign period has ended.

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