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Mother's First Song: A Miracle Voice Restoration Project

THE CREAM UNION, Seoul / AIA / 2016

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We put together a miracle event where we developed an interactive sign language device for a mother with a speech and hearing impediment who has always wanted to sing happy birthday to her daughter.


We first received voice donations from regular people through various participatory channels such as the company’s Facebook page, mobile app, and an audio recording system so as to restore her voice. We then found a sound engineer and an otolaryngologist to help provide vocal training and assist in finding and selecting one final contestant who had the most similar vocal and facial structure to the mother’s. After the selection we made the interactive sign language device. It restored the mother’s voice by recognizing sign language movements. We trained her in hand movements and developed a vocal library to match with the device’s motion sensing system.

The mother was then able to miraculously sing for the very first time on the day of her daughter’s birthday.


The miracle and emotion brought about by approximately 10,017 users who contributed their voices spread all over the internet. A total of over 12.6 million unique views have been recorded on Facebook alone, and the campaign has been covered on various broadcast channels and PR sites such as Fuji TV, PR Week, Campaign Asia, Branding in Asia, etc. With the impact of this campaign, top-of-mind awareness increased to 89% and brand awareness 14%.

The most important news of all however is that we are now getting ready to commercialize this sign language device to help those with speech and hearing impediments communicate with their loved ones.

Throughout this campaign, AIA Life received 10,000 real voice donations from users and their video has played more than 12M times with 89K Likes, 13,000 Shares and 8,000 cheering Comments during the campaign.

Their campaign also drew attention from other media as well as users. One of Japanese TV stations did a report on AIA Life and the Mother in this video and they broadcasted the interview video on their TV show.

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