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BORN05, Utrecht / KLM / 2012






iFly appears in the Netherlands, UK, Nordics, US and Asia Pacific regions. Branded content in this digital way is very new. iFly is a customer relation tool created to build the relationship between KLM and its customers by claiming an emotional domain (travel inspiration), to develop and publish content from this domain especially for its customers. KLM is currently one of the few airlines that have developed this kind of branded content. The content developed is exposed in multiple touch points within the customer journey, such as the digital magazine, the Inflight Entertainment system and social. All owned media.


Because iFly is a customer relation medium, the format is distributed mainly by email and social channels. The current database consists of 5.2m KLM customers, of which 2.4m have seen and experienced iFly within the last 2 years. People decide for themselves if they want to receive iFly via email or social channels; the user is in control. iFly content is distributed by KLM and its customers to several other digital domains like Inflight, email marketing programs and other customer contact campaigns and tools. Thereby, iFly content reaches millions of people, globally.


iFly is an enormous success. “It outperforms all other KLM Media” - Synovate in 2011. The objectives are about building customer relationships, brand preference, and brand perception. We reach about 400,000 unique visitors per magazine, which is extreme within the Netherlands. This is one of the best customer magazines in the Netherlands, and the best digital magazine.

There are 6-8 issues a year. The average spending time per visitor is more than 9 minutes, which is very long for digital content. 13% of all visitors share content with friends. 65% of all readers talk about KLM and iFly with friends.

Within the digital magazine all customer interaction are captured, this builds orientation profiles of the KLM customers (instead of transactional profiles). These insights are used by the KLM sales organisations to optimize and better target their sales promotional mails. The iFly readers develop themselves 240% better than non-iFly readers. The repurchase intention and behaviour within the iFly reader-group scores 300% higher. This makes iFly a communicative and commercial success as well.

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