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EIGEN FABRIKAAT, Amstelveen / KLM / 2015

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In September, KLM Netherlands (Home market sales office of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines) celebrates their annual sales campaign: KLM World Deal Weeks.

This year, KLM wanted to create additional campaign awareness and reach a different target group than they do with their regular (ATL) media.

That’s why KLM chose to build an interactive and shareable experience around the central World Deal Weeks-symbol: The High Five. Two interactive installations provided a live visual connection across the ocean and connected hundreds of people in Amsterdam and New York live, through high fives. The registration was shared on KLM’s social media channels.


The High Five is the central campaign symbol of the annual World Deal Weeks sales campaign, which runs in September. It is used from ATL to BTL in the Dutch market, but there was no social media component yet. To generate ‘social amplification’ the Live High Five activation was created, running from an offline stunt to an online video that went viral on KLM’s owned social media channels. The campaign boosted awareness for the sales campaign and reached over 10 million people in just 2 weeks’ time.

The installations were purpose built using the latest touchscreen / movement technology. Although simple at glance, it was complex to execute but we managed and made Live High Fives happen!


The activation generated reach and impact, and created more awareness for the ‘World Deal Weeks’ sales campaign than expected. In just two weeks’ time we registered almost 1,000,000 views with a total reach of +10,000,000 across YouTube / Facebook / Twitter and blogs.

In detail:

- 450,000 unique YouTube views. The Youtube film realized 3.500 click throughs to

- 468,000 fully viewed Facebook views. In addition, almost 41,000 very positive engagements: likes, clicks and shares. 38,000 people clicked through to, with a staggering CTR of 14,5%.

- 19,500 video plays on Twitter and 984 tweets/retweets.

In addition, there has been a lot of media coverage for KLM Live High Five on TV, blogs and websites. Both nationally and internationally. But most importantly, by creating an interactive experience around such a universal symbol as the high five, KLM literally connected people with each other and the KLM brand.

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