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Instead of saying that KLM understands the world of business travelling, we’d better prove it. Based on the insight that business people always feel guilty when away from home, we decided not to focus on the business travellers themselves, but on those who they have to leave at home while on a business trip:

Their kids.

We created a cute product called the KLM Nights Light. A cute little plane with strong emotional value and PR potential that counts down the nights till mum or dad will be back home from a business trip. Set the amount of nights you’re on a business trip and the Nights Light will do the rest.


First the KLM Nights Light was developed and after 2000 products were produced, the campaign was launched. We seeded the online video via earned media, KLM-owned media channels, e-DM and banners. Also KLM stewardesses handed over the Nights Light to Dutch influentials and Dutch lifestyle media. At the same time the product was sold in the KLM webshop.

As all 2000 products were sold out within a few days, more products are being produced.


After the film was seeded on the social channels, it was picked up by various media, bloggers and news sites. As already stated, 2000 Nights Lights were sold out in a week, 2000 extra are being produced in April and we expect even more to come.

The amount of impressions was over 7 million within a week and there was an over 93% positive response.

Ticket sales increased, but we are awaiting further business results.

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