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LEMZ, Amsterdam / KLM / 2012







KLM Live Reply - In June 2011, we developed a concept to promote the fact that KLM personally responds to all tweets and posts within the hour. We decided to make the replies even more unique and personal – to create responses people would be eager to share with their friends. To do this, we replaced Facebook and Twitter typed characters with a living alphabet made up of real KLM employees.

On Monday, 19 September 450 KLM volunteers came together to respond to tweets and posts in this unique way, by assembling the replies live before your eyes, within the hour. We made live reply videos for 12 hours, during which time #Live reply became a trending topic. The reactions were overwhelming, and the KLM crew was proud to be BLUE.


450 volunteer KLM employees created 64 live replies for 12 hours. That day, #livereply was a trending topic on Twitter, and the reactions to the replies were overwhelming. The Live Reply videos have since been watched over 160,000 times, and the number of views is still growing each day. Beyond the figures, the KLM employees were extremely proud to participate – and to be BLUE.

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