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ICONOCLAST, Los Angeles / VOGUE / 2022







The brief was pretty open but needed to present Olivia Wilde, the cover story, in a way that showcased her recent successful career shifts from glamorous actress to a groundbreaking leader in the female feature film directing field.


The idea was to play on Olivia’s multi-hyphenate career in a meta tongue in cheek self deprecating narrative short. Olivia plays herself in a typical glamorous Fashion film until she stops herself and offers up - a better idea - to the crew. In the idea, we run through many of the tropes that elevated fashion commercial have been falling victim too recently. At the end we reveal that the exasperated director is also Olivia Wilde who was directing a different version of herself all along.


Deciding to compartmentalize and oppose the various facets and demands of Olivia Wilde’s creative life was a good way to both shine a light on her accomplishments in a positive way and simultaneously satirize the very nature of the type of content piece being made in doing so. The self awareness allows us to indulge in it and also to present OW as a glamorous and legitimate artist who takes their work seriously but not themselves.


The film launched on all US Vogue platforms in conjunction with Olivia Wilde’s cover story and the piece is still running on all Condenast platforms


Beyond its presence on all Condenast media channels, the story and the film was written about in articles, op-eds, shared and modified across TikTok and all social.

Olivia Wilde’s first Vogue cover was a major moment for her and her place in the culture. The film was able to anticipate the scrutiny she gets in her public, private and professional life by putting her in control of the joke and managing its virality.

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