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Almost Everybody, Almost Everywhere

FCB HEALTH, New York / PFIZER / 2018

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From fairies to fishermen, EUCRISA treats mild-to-moderate eczema on ages 2 and up. To help demonstrate the broad usability of EUCRISA, we launched the "Almost Everybody, Almost Everywhere" campaign with two, :30 TV spots – that’s right – a pharmaceutical brand launching with a :30 TV spot. Each spot features a wide cast of characters who wonder if EUCRISA can work for them and their specific eczema.

We also created an engaging website, complete with disease education, useful tips, and a fun, animated MOA video. And of course, we made sure to complete the multichannel launch with charming print ads. With memorable characters, alliterative copy, catchy music, and sweeping location shots, this campaign looks and sounds different than anything in the category. 

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