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Altered Carbon - Last Night I Died Again

GNET, Los Angeles / NETFLIX / 2018

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This early-campaign teaser, titled “Last Night I Died Again,” features the disembodied memories of central character Laurens Bancroft, as we take the audience on a journey through his past. We tease elements of the world through striking imagery and thoughtful copy choices; the specification that he was “born on Earth” and became “the richest man on several planets” alludes to the possibility of interplanetary travel as well as his wealth and status, while his “first” death suggests others to come. He talks about the technology that enabled him to “sleeve” into new bodies for hundreds of years, in perfect health. We build on these mysterious milestones, accelerating through time and landing at his current predicament; his own murder. We finally reveal his connection to our protagonist, who was hired to solve the crime and thereby setting into motion the plot of the series.

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