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Live concerts are now the new money maker – the democratisation of music with 'free' streaming services (and piracy) makes live concerts (and the access to them) the last premium asset that fans desire and which an Artist, not a label, controls the execution.Since the music labels do not have reason to help with promotional efforts around a tour (as they don’t reap the direct benefit) a new class of label has sprung up – brands. While many brands have simply sponsored concert web casts to capture the audience, this typically means slapping a logo on the screen to drive brand impressions. However, the experience to date has not capitalised on another major shift in the connected culture that we live in – a social, 2-way experience where fans can participate with the artist in an authentic way and with other like-minded fans.'Unstaged' is a series that both helps the artists get their music heard by millions of fans worldwide in a way that is authentic to their personal brand, as well as fulfils consumers desire to have a true music experience as close to being there as digital can be.


'Unstaged' is a digital music series that attempts to do away with the emotional distance of experiencing a live concert performance virtually, presenting a new and engaging mode of seeing your favourite band.

Unstaged invites fans in through a director's distinct conceptual approach to the event, and through digital forms of audience collaboration that unexpectedly and artistically connect them to the night including: - Vote for the song played as encore- Impact stage design through user generated digital art projects, thematic to the artists new album or tour- Unlock exclusive content from the live event through collective conversation volume on Twitter & Facebook


Unstaged has developed into the single most-viewed concert series across mediums.Scale:•37MM live streams•Largest single-artist live stream event ever (Coldplay) •77.5MM Total Content Views (on-demand content + live stream)•209K social posts– multiple Twitter trending topics•1bn+ Media Impressions with a 0.29% CTREfficiency:•$0.09 media CPV (industry standard - $1.07)Engagement:•Average Time Spent on Livestream: 21.1 minutesBrand:•15% increase in American Express Brand Favourability each show•American Express sponsorship association has steadily increased with each show, evident by Amex branded buzz showing a strong association (most evident in Sugarland (95%) and Coldplay (85%))Additional Unstaged Statistics:Significant growth artist fanbase during campaign - Coldplay saw a spike of 44K on the day of the live stream

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