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Among Nuggets

DAVID, Madrid / BURGER KING / 2022


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Played online by millions around the world, Among Us is a video game that broke through pop culture in 2021 with a simple premise: you’re part of a space crew with impostors among them. If you spot them before they kill you, you win.

Around that same time, Burger King introduced its new 100% plant-based nuggets that taste so much like the original ones, they could easily play as impostors in a crew of chicken nuggets. And that’s what we set out to prove.


We created “Among Nuggets” - a box of chicken nuggets with a few veggie ones there too - and challenged top Among Us streamers to spot them.

The game’s premise and popularity made it the perfect platform to promote our product benefit: veggie nuggets taste so much like chicken ones, they could easily play as impostors.

And streamers proved our point. They tried our plant-based nuggets before 110K+ viewers and struggled to spot the impostors among them. That’s how we proved their similar taste and boosted sales by 3.6%.


For years, through numerous online activations, Burger King has been building an affinity with the gaming community, one of its key targets.

By constantly scouting the gaming conversation for relevant insights, we found a unique opportunity to hack the Among Us conversation and connect to the hype of the game in a relevant way for our brand.

We didn’t even need to use the game itself, only the premise of it and streamers who were associated with it. A fresh way to promote a brand-new product to a wide range of potential consumers.


We created “Among Nuggets”: special-edition boxes of Burger King nuggets containing a mix of plant-based and traditional ones.

We sent these custom-made boxes to a range of medium-size streamers which we selected based on their affinity to the game and the relevance of their fanbase to connect with our target.

Our gamified approach to product promotion and sampling was promoted on social media, and took a life of its own on Twitch with more than 110,000 viewers watching the influencers’ live streams.


The campaign gathered more than 110,000+ viewers on Burger King’s social media channels and 69,000+ hours watched on Twitch.

Among Nuggets made more than 300,000 total media impressions and helped Burger King boost plant-based nuggets sales by 3.6%.

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