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Amp Up Game Day

TPN, Dallas / KINGSFORD / 2017

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Amp Up Game Day!

To ensure purchase-driving engagement and display, Kingsford and Dr Pepper inspired Walmart shoppers to transform their typical fall get-togethers into epic entertaining events—and made sure both brands were always invited to the party. They combined Walmart shoppers’ passions for football, country music and entertaining to create an action-packed program with an all-star lineup of partners:

• Walmart-sponsored My Country Nation, America’s largest country lifestyle digital channel

• Jason Aldean, country music star, football fan and avid griller

• Robyn Lindars, master griller and blogger

Jason and Robyn intercepted shoppers and fans on game day to create compelling video content that enticed Walmart shoppers across America to amp up their game day too. Jason brought the sizzle. Robyn provided the expertise with delicious recipes like grilled Dr Pepper BBQ Chicken Wings. And together, Kingsford and Dr Pepper delivered eight smoking-hot weeks of online entertainment and in-store excitement.


By championing and facilitating game day gatherings, Kingsford and Dr Pepper drove shoppers to add the brands to their lists:

• Webisodes featuring Aldean and Lindars debuted on My Country Nation each Monday for eight weeks, keeping the thrills and grills going all season. The series included pre-roll video, video overlay display and companion display banners.

• The Kingsford/Dr Pepper interactive brand page on highlighted all webisodes, plus additional content including grilling tips and recipes. On- and off-site media leveraged proprietary Walmart Exchange targeting and sales reporting.

• A social campaign included My Country Nation Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr posts as well as recipes and videos on Aldean’s and Lindars’ social channels.

• Location-based digital media served promotional content and drove shoppers to the nearest Walmart.

In-store, the brands closed sales with high-impact promotional messaging and display:

• Exclusive merchandising displays

• Walmart TV in grocery and electronics

• Store entrance pole wraps

• Meat department standees


The partnership successfully inspired Walmart shoppers to amp up their game day gatherings by bringing Kingsford and Dr Pepper to the party. Their unique fall program delivered above expectations for online and in-store engagement:

• 22.6MM total online media impressions (436M YouTube Impressions, 4.5MM social media and 14.6MM digital media)

• 15.9MM digital impressions on

• 141.9M impressions on Walmart in-store TV over two months

More importantly, Kingsford and Dr Pepper drove product sales that well exceeded program goals:

• Increased Kingsford sales by 30% (vs. YA)—three times the projected goal!

• Doubled expected sales growth for Dr Pepper (+2% vs. +1%) vs. YA at Walmart—an impressive number considering Category Sales Volume vs. YA was -1.1% for the same period

By bringing together the passions of Walmart shoppers, Kingsford and Dr Pepper created a partnership program that increased usage occasions, drove display and ultimately grew sales.

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