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We created Gatorade Amplify, the first-ever science-backed, music workout experience on Spotify, designed for competitive athletes. Unlike other playlists, Amplify actually prompts the workout, delivering the right song at the right moment to keep the athlete training. Using a simple interface, athletes simply select their type of workout and duration. Then behind the scenes, Gatorade Amplify searches millions of songs in real-time to deliver not only a personalized playlist but one that scientifically selects songs with attributes that match the intensity of each exercise, optimizing the workout. And with Spotify’s patented crossfade technology, athletes are seamlessly cued from one exercise to the next as one song fades out when the next fades in. Ultimately, the songs actually push the athlete and help drive the workout experience, creating an entirely new way to fuel an athlete with music.


Amplify kicked off at SXSW in March 2016 where Gatorade, Spotify and Sync, identified key elements in songs that push performance.

This complex data was then mapped out to create Gatorade Amplify, a first-of-its-kind web-based mobile application on Spotify. Unlike other workout apps, Amplify turns music into fuel by combining those acoustic elements with

1. The user’s personal listening history on Spotify

2. The user’s workout goals

When users select their workout type and duration, Amplify searches millions of songs in real-time and delivers a scientifically optimized playlist. Each song syncs to the intensity of the exercises, and with Spotify’s patented crossfade technology, cues the user from one exercise to the next.

Amplify launched in November 2016 via an online video, targeted digital support in addition to a PR campaign with music, tech and trade outlets. The launch also featured a high-energy workout mix created by world-renowned DJ Steve Aoki.


In its first 3 months, Amplify made a major impact. More than 30,000 playlists were generated and time spent listening equated to over 2.5 years. Amplify also exceeded several Spotify benchmarks: 0.62% click-thru rate, 4x the benchmark and 118K unique visitors, double the average. Compared to industry norms, creative saw in-market breakthrough, generating stronger relevance, brand impact and interest than other Spotify campaigns. Overall, there was a lift in Gatorade “as an innovative brand” and “as a leader.”

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