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McCANN XBC, New York / MASTERCARD / 2016

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Rather than try to impose our message on a our target that’s not engaged with the payment cards category and likely to tune out anything we tell them directly, we aimed to make MasterCard fit more naturally in the context of their life and interests.

To do that, we enlisted the help of some of the biggest personalities in social to talk about how MasterCard benefits Android Pay users like themselves.

The benefit is that MasterCard gives time back to people—it’s so seamless that you have time to do whatever you want, especially if you are a cashier.

So each influencer played a cashier with more time to play, and shared the priceless things they would do with the time they can now have thanks to MasterCard and Android Pay.


Each of the three influencers created content, in which they played a cashier with more time to play, and pursue their passions and interests thanks to MasterCard and Android Pay.

Video content from each influencers was made into Vine-style looped videos, long form videos, :30 non-skippable, and :30 skippable videos. These were distributed through YouTube, Zefr, and several other video distribution channels to strike a balance between high-visibility and high-relevance placement.

Our influencers’ posts were distributed through YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Vine.


Over the time period our Android Pay campaign was in market, MasterCard saw strong double digit increase in transactions and a greater than 50% increase in spend in Android Pay versus previous period.

Clearly, the campaign succeeded in grabbing Android Pay users’ attention and making them see the value in selecting MasterCard, having clocked over 55 Million video views so far, with 45.6MM video completions.

The campaign also generated $530K worth of free engagement.

These results prove that MasterCard found the right way to connect with a set of consumers who (until now) didn’t care about payment cards

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