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Brazilian advertising agencies are still too dependent on the lucrative television media budget, as most agencies keep their media planning in-house. This is the reason why Branded Entertainment in Brazil is still incipient, although some brands are indeed venturing into new forms of advertising.

One main reason for this change of scenario is the explosion of social media relevance. This became evident especially last year, with the birth of a "new middle class" when Brazil's unemployment rate fell by half in the past few years, going from from 11% in 2006 to 5.5% in 2012 (IBGE).

This new and empowered working class, which used to be a minority online, today represents 54% of the audience (source: Datafolha), turning Brazil into the 5th most connected country in the world (source: IBOPE). Last year the number of Brazilian Facebook users tripled in size, reaching 63m people (source: Facebook).

Brazil also is the 4th largest gaming market in the world.

(source: PricewaterhouseCoopers/Folha de SP). The 23% of Brazilians are frequent or occasional players - ie, 45,2m people (source: IBOPE).


Angry Birds Movie Session was a 2-day live stunt in a movie theater, which happened right before movie sessions. It happened around and with the intense interaction of the audience. In the theater, the audience were greeted with Angry Birds posters and lots of chocolate eggs. While players tried their luck with the iPad synched with the theater screen, the audience cheered, shouted instructions and so on. To assure everybody was fully immersed, we had a rule: the better the player did in the game, more chocolate Easter eggs would be distributed to the audience. The Angry Birds's Easter eggs were also on Facebook, through a series of cards posted in Lacta's fan page.


It was a 2-day stunt, reaching a highly targeted audience. The action directily reached aproximately 2.000 viewers during six sessions. People attending other sessions were highly curious. Lots of photos of the stunt reached social media. The campaign for the Angry Birds's Easter eggs also happened in Lacta's fan page, which currently counts 5.766.440 fans (as of April 18, 2013). Lacta's fan page was particuarly active during that month, and the Angry Birds related posts were amongst the most liked, with 49.772 likes and 20.349 shares.

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