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Apnea On The Radio

OGILVY , Sao Paulo / RESMED / 2019

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Despite being among the countries with the largest number of digital platform users, Brazil still has a very strong radio culture dating back to the 1950s, when the same semantics used in today's radios emerged. This is an example of how to empower a message by appropriating the linguistic universe of the radio, using the metalanguage of this vehicle to create health consciousness in an impactful and didactic way.


The radio spot is splitted in two parts. In the first one, while the audience listen to the sound of a snoring person, the presenter explains that's a typical sleep apnea study case. Then the person suddenly stops snoring, and consequently breathing. In order to demonstrate how long it can take, the presenter call another radio spot, from a different advertiser, taking time enough for the sleep apnea episode get finished. After that, the second part starts and the person finally catch his breath, after more than 45 seconds of sleep apnea, clearly demonstrated on the radio with an evident reference of time.

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