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Ariel POD Art

P&G DUBAI , Dubai / ARIEL / 2021

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In 2019, it became evident that UAE consumers were increasingly shifting towards the use of liquid detergents. However, Ariel was not the market leader for this form. Consequently, the brand decided to launch a new form that was rising in popularity globally – ‘PODS’. The launch, supported by traditional marketing tactics, was anticipated to mitigate this trend and grow market share.

Fast forward to October 2020 and the potential of PODS remained unfulfilled, leaving Ariel in a dire situation. Market share had dropped 1% since the launch of PODS and brand metrics such as equity, consideration and value-perception are at the lowest they’ve been in two years.

It was time to do something different. A disruptive detergent form called for a disruptive brand experience to rejuvenate PODS in the UAE.

The campaign’s goal was to kickstart real growth for PODS, measured by sales, market share and critical brand metrics.


An innovative product requires an innovative approach to marketing. Taking inspiration from Ariel’s brand equity proposition to innovate through science, the idea created an immersive user experience that would reflect the innovation and artistry behind the POD, whilst also educating on product usage and benefits.

Art has often been used to present new ideas, with the potential to change human behaviour. At POD Art, local artists were selected to create bespoke artworks inspired by the POD, that were then integrated with AR technology. The power of AR was used to amplify the art experience.

The free, public installation created a personalised AR experience. The only prerequisite to participate was the use of a mobile device to scan the artworks for an immersive brand experience. This also enabled the activation to adhere to guidelines for social distancing, using technology to bring the power of PODS into the hands of its audience.


POD Art was created to deliver an immersive experience that leveraged the power of technology to represent an innovative product – all whilst creating a safe experience during COVID-19. The strategy was deeply rooted in regional consumer behaviour including high rates of internet penetration and media usage. The target audience was diverse - mothers, young couples and bachelor’s with varied backgrounds. The experience welcomed anyone with a mobile device to participate. Two prime locations with high footfall and slightly varied demographics were selected to ensure effective reach.

The art installation was used to attract audiences. AR was used to encourage education and personal investment. Audiences required a mobile device to view the AR animation, through which they engaged not only with the experience but also with the product.

The AR journey was designed to create a seamless experience that supported consumers through their customer journey from education to purchase.


The AR activation took place simultaneously in two prime locations in Dubai, Citywalk and JBR, each featuring custom artworks by two local artists, displayed on 3x4 metre cubes. The artworks were integrated with innovative AR technology, activated by scanning through a mobile device.

Prior to the activation, a mini teaser campaign was created for social media to generate event awareness and push footfall to the three-day brand experience.

The display cube included signage to encourage the scanning of a QR code, which redirected viewers to the AR platform. Through the platform, viewers could scan the artwork, which then came to life with animation and music, to highlight the usage and product benefits of Ariel PODS. The platform also included mechanisms to learn more, save the artwork and redeem vouchers, allowing for improved tracking of the AR experience.


POD Art had a significant impact on awareness and purchase of Ariel PODS in the UAE. In fact, after POD Art, sales of PODS grew by 190%. There was a 33% increase in UAE households that purchased PODS and Ariel’s total market share in the UAE laundry care category increased by 3.3% in the four months following the activation.

The power of AR was integral to driving trial and purchase of the product. With the ability to access vouchers within the AR platform, POD Art’s voucher redemption rate increased by 11% compared to the brand’s historical average.

The AR activation was supported by a social media and influencer engagement strategy that facilitated a highly shareable experience. With over 700, 000 impressions on social media, the campaign reached 25% of Dubai’s population.

The experience was also covered in both Arabic and English media titles with a reach of over 12 million.

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