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Amid rising inflation, Ariel had to reaffirm its position as a leader. Domestic competition in France becomes more

aggressive, with cheaper alternatives such as private labels from retailers gaining momentum, but lacking vision.

A paradoxical two sides challenge: show the superiority of the product to an audience that likes functional benefits, and

nourish Ariel’s brand equity, which aims to make Ariel a progressive brand by tackling social issues.

Laundry isn’t fun, it’s a chore. To the point that 56% of French people say that laundry management plays an important role

in their mental load.

How Ariel can stay leader but be more close to consumer issue and help to reduce mental load.


It's a bit too early to extract significant result.

But we can consider that as a leader on his market Ariel is in charge to bring solution and changment in the consumer's daily life. So discharge the contraint of the kaundry issue is a mandatory for the brand. As Ariel stands out for innovation and quality, it is the best laundry to contribute to reduce mental load. Mental load discussions are emerging in society as one of the next steps for social progress and Ariel manages to stay even more relevant, as an actor connected to an activity associated to household chores. Playing on the subtilty of the message, using the trompe l’oeil vessel to softly make consumers realize they think too much about laundry, we vow to our consumers that if they use Ariel, they don’t need to think as much about it.

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