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ASTRO STUDIOS, San Francisco / PROCTER & GAMBLE / 2014

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The Chelsea Collection is a set of premium men’s shaving accessories inspired by the eclectic New York neighborhood. It serves a modern man that wants to replace the inauthentic with the best-in-class. Shaving is a ritual that is performed with patience using great tools. He wants accessories that fit his décor, without sacrificing performance. Inspired by Gotham city, the handles of the razor and brush are cast from metal; durable and weighty. The balance of each handle is finely tuned, its ribbed surface creates grip without looking sporty. This balance of performance and aesthetics is the heart of the design.


Creating the best razor took iteration and refinement. The grip must work for a variety of positions, and when hands are wet. Traditional razors use complex surfaces and rubber, all of which would alienate the target user. We developed repeating flutes in cast metal handle to allow for precise control. The handles of the brush and razor were tuned in diameter, length, and weight to maintain a perfect balance during use. We used 3D printing to quickly create mockups and look at many subtle variations on length, grip detail, weight, and diameter to achieve the best result.


The value of the Chelsea collection is two-fold. First, we created a premium accessory that was styled for a contemporary audience, not a retro design that spoke an old-world style, or a performance-driven look. Second, we considered the set when it’s not being used (how it will look in the home). The understated color palette and authentic materials relate to masculine home décor. The brush nests on the stand’s metal ribbon, concealing its connection point, achieving a harmony possible because they were designed together. The size of the base is small to fit New York apartments where space is limited.

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