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AGW GROUP, Brooklyn / HBO / 2017

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To appeal to a diverse range of verticals and align the event and series premiere across various passion-points, we crafted targeted messaging for different media outlets in multicultural, art, lifestyle, culture and consumer verticals, highlighting and leveraging relevant elements of the campaign to that vertical.

To create maximum impact, we leveraged various assets (ie video diaries, announcements, interviews) for different verticals to allow for multiple "exclusives."

We drove event listings and appealed to regional outlets to make the event the place-to-be.

Key media was granted early event access for uninterrupted walk-throughs and photos. To elevate the opportunities for media engagement, we utilized the Game of Thrones’ stars in attendance, as well as the Art The Throne artists, to offer exclusive in-person interview opportunities.

Post-event, we shared high-quality event photos with press and thanked attendees individually to encourage additional coverage and continue to remind people about the Game of Thrones’ premiere.


3/21/16 - PR strategy approved

3/24/16 - Provide list of suggested influencers and celebrities to attend event

3/24/16 - Provide first draft of release

3/25/16 - Receive first round of client feedback

3/28/16 - Provide final version of press release

3/29/16 - Receive feedback on influencer list

4/4/16 - Receive rough cuts of video content to pitch exclusives for the following week

4/5/16 - Begin pitching exclusive video premieres to media outlets

4/8/16 - Secure outlets for exclusives

Week of 4/11/16 - Videos premiere; Begin general campaign outreach

Week of 4/11/16 - Continue general campaign outreach

4/13/16 - Receive event invite to sendto approved influencers and targeted media

Week of 4/18/16 - Begin event specific outreach

4/19/16 - Provide final media, influencer & celebrity RSVPs

4/20/16 - Art The Throne Opening Event

4/21/16 - Begin post-event follow

4/24/16 - Game of Thrones season premiere

4/29/16 - Provide final report


Tier 1:

Cover depth:

The campaign resulted in a total of 88 combined placements across media and influencers resulting in 165,171,800 in potential reach.

The breakdown included 19 influencer posts with a total potential reach of 1,100,000 as well as 30 media placements with 144,196,600 in potential reach.

Additionally, the campaign had 39 social posts from media outlets, resulting in 19,913,800 in potential reach. That, combined with the press placements equaled 69 total media hits with 164,110,400 in potential reach.

Coverage appeared in a range of outlets, including urban lifestyle outlets like VIBE, Complex, Hypebeast, Mass Appeal and NME, and art-specific outlets like ArtNet, Creators, Widewalls, Cool Hunting and Paper. Local outlets like Observer, DNAinfo, and Bowery Boogie also covered.

All coverage included embedded assets, such as photos, video content and/or social posts. The majority of coverage was in-depth and showcases quotes/interviews from spokespeople. All coverage was favorable.

Tier 2:


Post-event messaging drove home that the event was an "immersive art experience" which aligned the launch with the art community, rather than just the entertainment community.

Huffington Post described it as a "bloody great art show."

The Observer described is as "an eclectic crowd of TV executives, musicians, super-fans and art aficionados."

TechInsider called it "an epic art exhibit" saying "Most Game of Thrones fans would have killed to be there."

Cool Hunting called it "stunning and immersive."

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