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Aston Martin’s new brand and creative platform ‘Intensity.Driven.’ is designed to capture the human emotion of the driving experience. It supports the marque’s renewed focus on the performance of their cars, whilst ensuring stand out in the ultra-luxury market.

At its core, the brand is about the emotional connection drivers feel when driving an Aston Martin, and the technological innovation that enables this. All the aspects of the brand, from film to social media and print, rely on different elements, brought together to deliver an overall experience of this emotional connection.


The work celebrates the intensity and raw human emotion of the Aston Martin driving experience, and the depth of sensorial connection between the driver and these high-performance sports cars, with a focus on the recently launched Valkyrie model.

The idea was not only to capture the emotion, but to do so in a way that made the viewer feel the intensity of the experience. Therefore, the creative idea is rooted in finding truthful and evocative ways to reflect the car’s performance, and the human response it triggers, in the belief that this authenticity helps the viewer really feel the power and intensity of the cars themselves.

The new brand expression is radically different to anything else in the ultra-luxury market, cutting through in a competitive sector and bringing a true reflection of performative luxury to the individuals who will buy these cars.


Feel, don’t show.

Aston Martin had four ambitions: create desirability; own a wide portfolio; develop the brand’s iconic nature, and become the leading British luxury, performance, and technology brand. Yet, internal research showed that the existing brand didn’t reflect the business’s ambitions. Radical change was needed.

Our strategy was to find truthful ways to articulate the cars’ performance and trigger emotive human responses. Our assets and comms were designed to be authentic brand experiences, delivering an intense sensation of the cars.

This experience of intensity helped to build equity, whilst also creating a sense of desirability. The iconic nature of the brand was enhanced through colour and a focus on British racing green. Finally, to help ensure a broad portfolio, we created the brand’s product architecture, which clearly demarks each of the models’ roles within the wider brand.


Intensity. Captured.

Data visualisation captures the performance of the Aston Martin Valkyrie and the passenger’s reaction to its performance. Sensors attached to a passenger measure heartbeat, synapse and pupil activity, whilst onboard sensors capture the cars data.

A digital artist created dynamic visualisations to bring emotion to the data.

Intensity. Shot.

We use extreme close-ups, to amplify a sense of power and performance of the cars, and to bring to life the sensorial effect of the drive on the human body.

Intensity. Written.

We use evocative copy, combining authentic information – from statistics and car data to qualitative research – with emotive copy to evoke the driving experience.

Intensity. Edited.

In film, we employ a distinctive editing style that uses a mix of longer dwells and sudden sharp cuts to build and break tension. This frenetic approach delivers a sense of intensity that informs all the moving image work.


Subsequent to the new brand launch, a custom brand study undertaken by the client showed the following:

• Strong meaningfulness for Aston Martin across the board – increasing in all markets. Aston is a brand that has strong affinity

• Desirability, has increased at an overall level in all markets

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