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DOUBLEYOU, Barcelona / AUDI / 2001

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Attitudes is a commitment to the protection of the environment, the fostering of road safety education and the creation of spaces for reflection, sponsored by Audi. This commitment is the core around which each and every section of the website is structured. A leitmotiv which runs throughout both in the issues tackled and in the structure. This way, the website becomes a vehicle filled with content by the voices of the users. Its minimalist design with predominant white space conveys the breadth and calm required for reflection, while the photographs provide warmth and social values. Of note among the contents of the website are @Ideas, a small application which allows users to sign their e-mails with a different thought every day, and Waste, where users can eliminate up to 3 parts of their environment that they do not like. Attitudes has been developed by DoubleYou, 2000 Cannes Cyber lion winner. Click on "Website" to acess to Attitudes.

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