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Audi | Uncanceled Trips: A First Class, Replacement Service

PHD, Stockholm / AUDI / 2024

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Audi faced the challenge of launching their most premium, fully electric SUV, the Q8 e-tron, in a way that would increase product awareness, convert leads to orders, and generate buzz. The key objective was to communicate the first-class travel experience offered by the Q8 e-tron, leaving passengers feeling refreshed and pampered.

The media insight that led to the "Uncanceled Trips" campaign was the realization that the widespread train cancellations in Sweden during the summer holidays presented a unique opportunity for Audi. By providing a solution to the travel disruptions and offering test drives of the Q8 e-tron as a replacement service, Audi could not only create a marketing event to capture the imagination of the nation it could also communicate the comparative first class experience by juxtaposing it against a third class travel experience of a train cancellation.


Audi's "Uncanceled Trips" campaign juxtaposes the Q8 e-tron's first-class travel experience with Sweden's worst-class travel experience: cancelled train journeys.

Seizing the moment, Audi brough together a fleet of Q8 e-trons as a train-replacement service. Leveraging a frustration that had captured the attention of the nation.

And by charging just 40SEK ($3) per trip to cover the battery cost, the campaign highlighted the value of electric driving.

Audi transformed public sentiment of inconvenience into a memorable, resonant campaign, emotionally connecting with the nation.


Audi faced the challenge of launching their most premium, fully electric SUV, the Q8 e-tron, aiming to increase product awareness, convert leads to orders, and generate buzz by communicating the vehicle's first-class travel experience.

Communicating this was best achieved by juxtaposing it with the worst-class experience.

The campaign targeted potential Q8 e-tron buyers affected by train cancellations.

Media planning focused on creating a marketing infrastructure mirroring the train travel experience, with "departure boards" showcasing the Q8 e-tron as the replacement service for cancelled trains. High-traffic placement ensured maximum visibility and impact.

The approach created a seamless, engaging consumer experience with a concierge service and easy booking system. Leveraging OOH, DOOH, print, and social media amplified the campaign's reach, generating nationwide buzz around the Q8 e-tron's first-class travel experience.


This involved the creation of a comprehensive marketing infrastructure designed to target travelers affected by the train cancellations. Launched simultaneously across media channels, including OOH, DOOH, print, and social media, ensuring maximum reach and impact.

At train stations, Audi put up ads in the form of "departure boards" that displayed the Q8 e-tron as the replacement service for the canceled trains. Boards were accompanied by a concierge service, ready to assist travelers and facilitate bookings for the Q8 e-tron service.

Print ads and targeted social media ads further amplified the campaign's reach, directing consumers to a dedicated booking platform.

To ensure a seamless experience, Audi put together a fleet of Q8 e-trons available at key locations, ready to provide the replacement service on the affected routes. The campaign ran for several weeks, coinciding with the peak summer travel season, and successfully captured the attention of travelers and the wider public.


The "Uncanceled Trips" campaign generated buzz and engagement, with all Q8 e-trons fully booked within 24 hours. When Audi added more vehicles to meet demand, they were fully booked within 10 hours, demonstrating the campaign's success in capturing public interest and creating a desire for the Q8 e-tron replacement service.

The campaign resulted in a 35% increase in website traffic, with 101,000+ visitors during the campaign period.

Earned media value increased by 65%, and the campaign reached 4.2 million people (in a population of 10.5 million), with 10,347,280 impressions.

This surge in interest and engagement translated into increased brand awareness, consideration, and sales with Audi having an all-time high market share in 2023 of 6.4% vs SOM 2022: 4,8%.

Due to the overwhelming success and demand, Audi had to conclude the campaign earlier than planned, a testament to the power of the "Uncanceled Trips" concept and its execution.

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