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Audi #WomenDrivers

ATOMIC, Dublin / AUDI / 2016

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- Audi is a progressive brand with innovation its core principle. And this progressive spirit includes gender representation. From surprising the racing industry in 1981 by choosing Michéle Mouton (over her male rivals) to drive the new Audi Quattro to Leena Gade, the first female race engineer to win the Le Mans 24 Hours for the Audi Sport Factory Team.

- There was no brief for this idea.

-We saw an opportunity for Audi to show leadership by being the first car brand in the world to take on the negative 'women drivers' stereotype. We wanted to bring good will and a human edge to the brand.


Working with one of Ireland’s leading news outlets we curated, created and compiled a selection of articles that showed women drivers. Not just women behind the wheel, but women behind business success and corporate triumphs. We then created a short, simple 6 tweet Twitter campaign. We put out two tweets a day on the 27th, 28th and 29th of April.

Our tweets were specifically created to cause people to stop and read them. We wanted people to think

“Wait, did Audi Ireland just say women drivers are crap?”

We wanted people to do this because in normal everyday life they probably see this message all the time but ignore it. But coming from a brand like Audi they’d surely take notice. And notice they did. But they also clicked on the links. And they read the stories. And when they figured out what we had done they let us know they


Within 12 hours of tweeting, the campaign trended in Ireland. Irish celebrities recognised the ingenuity of the campaign; Angela Scanlon, Louise Duffy and Rick O’Shea. 6 tweets, earned the campaign global recognition across multiple publications;, Telegraph and AdWeek. Introductory video had been viewed nearly 50,000 times, smashing the average automotive brand video content in Ireland. Twitter was our key traffic driving platform, delivering 4,000 visitors to the Audi hub, resulting in a fantastic average dwell time of 15 minutes 43 seconds. Paid support for the ‘Crazy Women Driver’ video content drove a strong engagement rate of 11% (against industry benchmark, 2%) and resulted in a CPM of €0.26. Total tweets had a combined reach of 113,133 users, estimated earned media value delivering three times the paid budget. Most importantly, we saw Audi A1 sales increase 10% YoY (up 348 units) in a segment previously thought to be completely saturated.

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