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DDB AMSTERDAM, Amsterdam / PHILIPS / 2008

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Philips came to us with a brief to launch the pinnacle of their Flat TV innovation, Aurea. The objective was to take in 60,000 trade orders and convert this to 30,000 consumer sales in the first three months. On top of this Aurea needed to function as a flagship product within the Philips Ambilight range, generating a significant uplift in sales. This exceptional new product would be priced at an unheard of level for the category, which drove the marketing strategy to position Aurea as an object of desire – more than just a TV, Aurea was to be a high-end, luxury item. As it didn’t look, feel or behave like any other TV, neither therefore would its marketing. The heart of the creative brief was “Seduction by Light”. We borrowed the codes, aesthetics and semiotics found in the purest luxury brands to exude luxury. A sensual short film was developed, featuring a woman being drawn towards a mysterious light and ultimately seduced by it: “There’s Only One Sun”. The film was aimed at a narrow but influential group within the segment of early tech adopters, specifically those who want their TV to be a home-style statement.

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