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GLUE ISOBAR, London / TOYOTA / 2011

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The brief was to attract attention for the new Toyota Auris Hybrid - to communicate that this is a vehicle with an extraordinary energy inside it. Extraordinary because it gets recycled while it drives - meaning you get your energy back, and very little is wasted.Our idea was to symbolise the hybrid energy with a glowing blue light, and bring this to life with an eye-catching projection-mapping event. We parked the car in an everyday location, so that to the people walking past, the car ‘appeared’ to transform. After revealing its inner hybrid energy, the car ‘energised’ its environment, before returning to the car, demonstrating it gets its energy back.

On the night, passers-by took photos, videos and tweeted about what they had witnessed. We handed out flyers that guided them on how to tag it all. As a result the campaign hub site aggregated all the content from flickr, YouTube and twitter. This hub site then directed people to the main Toyota site, where they could find out more about how this hybrid energy works, and how it can save them energy.

Ultimately, this was an innovative way to showcase an innovative car.

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