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ponce buenos aires, Buenos Aires / UNILEVER / 2013

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Case Film






A guy is at the office working quietly. Suddenly his phone rings, he looks astonished and when he lifts up his eyes he sees the girl from down the corridor speaking with him by phone.

She starts walking through the office towards him. He seems to be a little bit uncomfortable because her shirt shows a lot of cleavage and her breasts bounce with every step.

He tries to concentrate on looking at other objects but he cannot get away from that image. When she is about to reach him, we see him staring at the printer in the desktop. He looks at her again but now we can see the printer in the place of her breasts. The poor guy is a mess - sweaty and embarrassed.

Once he uses the product (Axe deodorant) we see him with the girl in the office, totally dry and with a sense of complete confidence about him.


Due to the brand promise of shooting the same video with three beautiful women, we arrived at two objectives:

1. Ensuring its viralization.

2. Prove to all the young people who watched the video that they needed an anti-perspirant for those moments when body temperature rises.


It reached 500,000 views in 4 weeks. We proved that guys do whatever to see girls with very little clothing.

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