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ponce buenos aires, Buenos Aires / UNILEVER / 2012

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A guy is in an open field building what appears to be a modern Noah's Ark. He then sprays Axe 2012 all over his body and waits. Two figures appear in the distance. They are two gorgeous blond women who approach the ark, attracted by the fragance. Then, two gorgeous dark-haired women follow them, and after them many pairs of pretty girls continue to arrive and board the ark. Meanwhile as the guy watches his ark become crowded with beautiful women, a voice over says: Happy end of the world. Axe 2012. The last Axe.


In order to invite guys to spend their last days surrounded by girls, we launched the new Axe 2012, the final edition. This new product was communicated under the "Happy End of the World" concept, showing on TV how a guy was getting ready for Apocalypse building an ark and filling it with girls. Guys were able to replicate this experience on the web, building their own arks to their liking and filling them with the Facebook girl friends they would like to live a Happy End of the World with. And before the world was gone, we launched a promotion where they could win a ticket to the "End of the World Party", held in the coolest Latin American destination and attended by the most beautiful girls.


The End of the World Party drove thousands of guys to upload lots of packs per user. We took the 30 lucky winners to Punta del Este to be part of the last great party of mankind. The event was held in Pancho Dotto’s house, manager of the most beautiful models in Latin America. The models and the various stars who attended the event turned the evening into a true aspirational party for the youth of Latin America.

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