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AFRICA, Sao Paulo / MITSUBISHI / 2013

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In addition to being one of the best pick-ups in its category the Mitsubishi L200 Triton has a more modern and rounded design, unlike the other competitors which are more square and have a more rustic image. How to show the new design of the Mitsubishi L200 Triton and also feature that it is the toughest pickup in its category?


We decided to show this with a strong image that Mitsubishi L200 has strength and resistance in its DNA. It has the off-road spirit in every detail. For this, we brought together two things: the classic language used by specialty magazines to show the car’s components and classic symbols of strength and resistance. Then we picked the type of trait what would illustrate the parts and we created the poster “Badass Technology,” in which each part of the L200 Triton appeared as a symbol of power, courage, and resistance. The posters were put in the Mitsubishi dealerships around Brazil.


The new Mitsubishi had an incredible level of market acceptance, and became the leading seller in some regions. A large number of consumers that bought the car asked for the "Badass Technology" poster as a bonus present at the dealerships.

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