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R/GA, London / DIAGEO / 2014

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Inspired by the machines of Rube Goldberg machines and the magical world of alchemy, this film is a beautiful and fantastical visualization of the creation story of Baileys Chocolat Luxe.

The story is expressed through a sequential series of theatrical physical processes, one activating the next. Baileys Chocolat Luxe is not just a new flavor, rather an entirely new and innovative product. Each bottle contains real Belgian chocolate, selected to blend perfectly with the caramel and vanilla notes of Baileys Irish Cream.

In a celebration of the time, skill, ingenuity and craft this fusion took to master, the film follows a sumptuous journey through a purpose-built 12-foot installation of molten chocolate, rich Baileys Irish Cream and ice.

As they undergo a series of mesmerizing theatrics and come together to create a new multi-sensory drinking experience, the look and feel of the machine, sound design and music composition blend together in a stylish, luxurious, decadent and feminine culmination.

The result? A visual temptation that beguiles the viewer, inspiring an overwhelming desire to experience and indulge in this magical infusion.


There was already a TV spot planned to coincide with the product launch, so our brief was to focus on creating digital engagement, primarily on YouTube. We worked closely with Google to craft the optimum edit, play length and sequencing of the story for this platform and the behavior of the audience.

We also persuaded the client to remove the brand reference until the final few frames so that a fair reappraisal of the brand could be established through the storytelling. We analyzed participation and tweaked the assets based on what the insight view data was revealing, giving us a campaign that matched up against the performance metrics set at the outset of the project.


The result was an elegant dramatization of the ingredients, innovation story and elegant Baileys brand world, inspiring wonder and fascination for the product, and driving reappraisal of the brand.

We reached our target of 2 million views on YouTube, and in-stream YouTube views for the Chocolat Luxe film. We reached 8 million women in a single day through Facebook, resulting in one of the category’s most successful product launches in a social environment. Nearly 300,000 samples were requested ahead of launch, and 1 million were requested in total.

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