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JUNIPER PARK, Toronto / FRITO LAY / 2009






We met our consumer where she is, partnering with, the single most popular site for women with 40 million unique visits per month. There, we created a hub for our webisodes, interactive tools, games, ecards, and comics.

We also reached her on TV, in-store, and in the magazines she loves (celebrity/health/beauty).

Our aim was to get women to share our content with each other. So we launched the campaign like true entertainment – including a teaser phase complete with trailers, ‘coming soon’ posters, and Hollywood premiere. Celebrities Brooke Burke and Mel B. joined the event, as well as prominent female bloggers and media outlets, generating lots of free buzz (quantified below).

We launched our first episode (series premiere) digitally and with a 2.5 minute commercial pod takeover, driving people to our site and introducing them to the story of our four funny, fabulous and flawed women.


Within the first week, our trailer alone garnered almost a million hits on YouTube. Now a month into launch, our campaign has been featured on CNN, The Insider, New York Times, Economist, and 100+ blogs. Our media strategy, combined with consumers sharing the campaign, means our webisodes have been viewed over five million times and total media impressions is at 225 million.Our clients couldn’t be happier, saying:“This campaign has been incredibly successful for us on three significant dimensions:1) By offering her valuable, entertaining content, we’ve been able to break through a lack-of-engagement barrier in our category.2) It enabled us to communicate a portfolio of brands - all in different life stages - within one campaign.3) Established our credibility with women, allowing us to not only offer our products as positive food choices for her, but also initiate a long term, empathetic relationship with her.”

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