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Battle of Evony

FURLINED, Los Angeles / TOP GAMES USA / 2017

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Evony: The King’s Return is a strategy game that allows you to choose generals from different eras. You build resources, form alliances and create empires over time. It goes beyond pure action. The manifestation of this action-packed world came to life in an episodic series of spots creating a rich battlefield of characters and backstory. The videos highlight the historic backstories of our heroes, who represent their various regions and cultures: George Washington, played by Aaron Eckhart; King Arthur, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan; and Empress Wu, played by Fan Bingbing.


The Battle of Evony was filmed on 3 continents, with 156 cast members, 262 crew members and 212 individual costumes (all period correct). Locations included the South Island of New Zealand, a 14th century castle, the Carpathian Mountains in 20 degree below zero temperatures, and the town of Brasov in Romania. The shoot kept the crew on their toes - with battalions of soldiers, historical figures and scope, scale and the depth of history. American actors Aaron Eckhart (The Dark Knight) and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Walking Dead), and top Chinese actor Fan Bingbing starred as the legendary commanders of different armies from history.

Evony is comprised of 10 spots, filmed on 3 continents in 10 days, with 156 cast members, 262 crew members, and 212 period correct costumes. It was filmed in New Zealand (amidst wind and rain), at a 14th century castle, and in the Carpathian Mountains (in snow and -25 degree temperatures) of Romania. Despite a large budget it was a logistically complicated job. The art department designed large sets that were built in remote locations. The technical aspects of the crowd replication VFX had to be planned upfront. The wardrobe for the various time periods had to be sourced in both locations. The celebrity’s schedules and demands, along with diverse talent needs for the armies to be represented properly, needed sorting. There were animals, stunts, and babies. The editing and post were in progress on the first half of the shoot while production was happening on the second half.

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