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HANDS, Sao Paulo / HEINEKEN / 2015

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Few brands have realized the importance and opportunity of using brand content strategy to connect with people. Brands in Brazil invest in traditional communication formats or sponsor-ready entertainment formats. Rarely do we see a balance between brand content itself and entertainment content. The reason behind this is that, for some agencies and brands, it is much easier, profitable, and less risky to use traditional business models.

Some companies may even reduce their income tax by investing in cultural, sporting, entertainment or artistic projects, but the processes to make this happen are bureaucratic and slow. If the brand wishes to produce and create this type of content and meet communication plan deadlines, it must do it alone, without government incentive.


The emotional and cultural appeal of the project created a lot of buzz. Prior to Grand Opening, press, journalists and opinion leaders all got involved, seeing that BECO had been forgotten for 40 years. This spontaneously made headlines in many media outlets, helping to rescue its history as well as discussing Heineken's initiative.

An unbranded documentary about BECO DAS GARRAFAS’ importance and its revitalization process was produced and shown in movie theaters and Internet channels.

A communication plan for social networks provided a feed regarding BECO’S history, facts and curiosities. There was no traditional media investment, only social engagement.


BECO DAS GARRAFAS Heineken’s first 3 weeks open were completely sold out. More than 4.6 million people were directly impacted. The news reverberated spontaneously in hundreds of media outlets, generating a payback (ROI) of R$ 6,282,653.86 (about US$ 2.2 million).

BECO DAS GARRAFAS Heineken thrilled those who took part in the creation of the movement, inspired a new generation of artists and brought a new generation of Bossa Nova lovers to the newly revitalized BECO DAS GARRAFAS in Copacabana.

Today, BECO DAS GARRAFAS remains open and has become a Cultural Heritage of Rio de Janeiro, with live shows six days/week, welcoming people from all over the world. A landmark that will remain forever in Rio, offered by Heineken.

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