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We involved our target into a brand experience completely unconventionally.The same evening as the UEFA Champions League big match Real Madrid-Milan, we created a fake event combining poetry and classical music. Helped by our 200 accomplices we persuaded 1000 AC Milan fans to skip the match on TV and go to the concert.Gradually revealing the trap, we rewarded our audience and let them enjoy the match on a big screen offered by Heineken.Through PR activities we created an enormous buzz around the event, so that the brand experience could be lived by other millions people that were watching the event live on TV, that read about and viewed it on the news/blogs/web the days after.


We had three main phases: the victims’ recruitment, the concert, the post-concert (buzz). During the first phase we used 200 accomplices that persuaded our victims to skip the match. Some of those victims were sport journalists that we decided to involve so that they could have been direct witnesses of that brand experience.For the recruitment phase we used a local poster campaign (aired in pub and Universities in Milan), mailing and press office activities to announce the event.During the concert we got the complicity of SKY TV that broadcasted it live and helped us in involving also TV viewers in the trap. The days after a wide PR activity spread the news and created a big buzz on the event.


1000 people have been directly involved. Over 6 million people followed the event live on TV. Other 10 million people saw it on the news the days after. A million people spoke about it and commented positively on websites and blogs worldwide.

10 journalists were involved as victims or accomplices. The buzz on it was very high and contributed on empowering the brand awareness and, even more, the closeness between the target and the brand.

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