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AGÊNCIA TUDO, Sao Paulo / YAHOO / 2009

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Yahoo! has always had high access rates in Brazil, but it needed to tighten its relationship with the advertising market. In order to reach that objective, the company decided to promote the Yahoo! Big Idea Chair - an award for the advertising market - in Brazil. For the country, the event was implemented in a different format, in which only one case would be awarded with the Yahoo! purple armchair.

The PR campaign had several phases, starting with an online teaser video of advertising professionals searching for the Big Idea Chair in furniture shops in São Paulo. In a second phase, dwarf reporters invaded top advertising agencies to deliver big pizzas with the award’s communication. There was also the recording of small TV shows with the members of the jury and the creation of a student category in parallel to the main award. After the voting, there was a celebration party for the delivery of the armchair at the winning company and a closing event for the shortlisted cases.Multiple communication platforms were used, including advertising, events, content, internet and promotion strategies. The aim was to promote the awards ceremony and therefore enable Yahoo to increase its profile.


The PR campaign began with an online teaser. Advertisers with hidden cameras looked for the Yahoo! armchair at the main furniture shops in São Paulo.

The second phase had the participation of administrative managers of advertising companies and, in the third phase, a pair of dwarf reporters invaded the main advertising companies in São Paulo to deliver BIG pizzas to the creative professionals.The award also included a jury comprised of top executives of advertising companies and marketing directors of major advertisers. A content platform was created as a relationship strategy in which the people involved participated in a small TV show on Multishow. This totalled 6 weeks with testimonials from these professionals on air all over the country.The award was also covered in the main printed and online advertising trade media (Meio & Mensagem, mmonline, Propaganda & Marketing, BlueBus). A specific student category was also created in parallel to the main award.


In the first four days, the online campaign had already reached more than 2.7 million impressions and over 3,500 hits. The click-through rate went up to 9.34% on “MMonline” and the “Blue Bus” news portal alone delivered impressive 660,000 impressions a day, whereas a daily total of 600,000 impressions was expected from the sum of all portals included in the media plan. The TV show for advertising professionals, which was aired on a cable channel, had an average audience of 38,469 individuals for each exhibition, reaching a monthly total of nearly 1 million people.The award’s site had an average of 250,000 page views during the submissions period, which lasted 3 months. Initially, it was expected an average of 100,000 page views for the same period.More than 100 companies, including advertising companies, advertisers and producers, submitted their cases, and Yahoo! conquered its space inside Brazilian advertising companies.

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